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Ladbrokes Poker

Ladbrokes Poker is one online gambling website that’s fast, furious and full of action. It’s one popular Poker website that attracts players with their incredible promotions, prizes, loyalty rewards, and incredible selection of shorthanded Poker games and turbo tables for fast gameplay. The Microgaming Poker website unfortunately had to stop accepting wagers from US Poker players; so Americans can’t get in on the high-stakes action, but can play for fun if they just want to experience the style of gaming that Ladbrokes Poker has to offer. There’s a reason that players keep coming back to Ladbrokes Poker, and it has everything to do with the quantity of their promotions and the quality of their gaming.

Poker Game Variety

Ladbrokes Poker has a game selection that should suit any Poker player. With different limits and speed of play, Ladbrokes Poker appeals to both new players and seasoned online Poker players. The Poker game selection at Ladbrokes Poker include Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Low, Seven-Card Stud, 5-Card Stud and 5-Card Draw. Ladbrokes Poker also gives players a chance to kick back and try their hand at a unique betting game called Poker Bet; plus a variety of casino style games!

Both short-hand and turbo tables are available for those who prefer to play Poker fast and dirty, which is clearly the focus at Ladbrokes poker since multi-game card games are not available.

Poker Design

The Ladbrokes Poker website has a professional and attractive design that gives visitors and players alike easy access to the Poker Room’s features. Only a click away is the Leader Board, instructions to start playing Poker, community and event details, and the VIP Club. One great factor that comes with playing at Ladbrokes Poker is the flexibility they offer their gamblers. Ladbrokes Poker allows players to play instantly with their flash-based Poker room, download the basic Poker software, or choose their exclusive 3D Poker software download. The 3D Poker software is realistic, and allows players to customize both their views and their characters.

Ladbrokes Poker is also a great Poker website for new players who are not familiar with playing Poker online, because it does offer detailed information on the rules, strategies and more to help players get started.

Poker Promotions and Jackpots

Perhaps one of the top reasons that players return time and time again to play at Ladbrokes Poker, is due to the incredible promotions that they offer players both new and old. At Ladbrokes Poker, a first deposit Welcome Bonus is offered for all new players who deposit at least $50 into a real money account; however, wagering requirements do vary dependent upon the bonus amount at stake. To receive the minimum $50 Welcome Bonus, players must play a total of 600 raked hands; and for the maximum $1,000 bonus to be received, 10,000 qualifying raked hands must be played.

Ladbrokes Poker also offers a Bad Beat Progressive Jackpot, tournaments with guaranteed cash winnings and points earned, a $15,000 in Casino Poker Freeroll, and the exciting Ladbrokes $1,000 Rake Race; a pot that players increase their chances of earning by accumulating points. Ladbrokes Poker also gives their players the opportunity to win training sessions with the pro sponsor Jonas “Nebuchad” Danielsson.

Ladbrokes Poker
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